The Story of a Single Strand
16 x 12" Panels
Assignment from the University of Dayton

The panels depict an abstracted object, a single strand of hair, that tells a poetic story about leaving a community. The copy is original.

The water splashes up in a futile attempt to escape the open, expectant mouth of the drain. Sliding down the cracked sides of the porcelain sink, the droplets vanish into the labyrinth of exposed piping underneath. Along the outer edge of the bowl, there lies a plane where soap dispensers make their home and fallen toothpaste encrusts the ledge.

And it is on this surface, resting along that cool ceramic slab just before the edge, a single hair appears suspended in a puddle of discarded water. Embraced by water droplets that have finally submitted to the inevitable; the hair hangs just out of reach of gravity’s unceasing pull.

All of its kind has departed from this place, swept up in the frantic morning clean up. From root to split end, the strand of hair had been no different than the liberated few, yet fate abandoned it. So this one strand, wound in a spiral, waits alone. No longer is it one of many. Instead, it is solitary; one of one, starting its own journey.

Panel One
Panel One Detail
Panel Two
Panel Two Detail
Panel Three
Panel Three Detail