24/7 Design Conference
Wayfinding System for the School of Art at the University of Washington
Design in collaboration with Erin Hovland and Minnie Bredouw
Exhibition Design Course at the University of Washington

In designing a wayfinding system for a hypothetical design conference, our team had the constraint that our audience would be partially sighted. It was necessary to navigate them from the entrance of the School of Art to the second floor room the conference was being held in, as well as provide a route to Parnassus, the café in the basement of the building.

To address this problem, we chose to use large recognizable graphics that would cover a large portion of the wall, some of which would stand over 6 ft tall, and could be easily identified from afar. Yellow and dark grey were chosen for the color scheme because of the high contrast and urbane associations.

For the treatment of the floor, we were inspired by an already existing system for those hard of seeing, the textured yellow grating used at stop lights as a material for a path. In turn, this material would lead people throughout the building, stopping at the necessary destinations. Not only does it have high visibility, but the beveled dots provide a tactile experience beneath one’s feet. Because it is a system that is already in use and would be easily recognizable to those who had this disability.

By combining these large scale wall graphics with the tactile and brightly colored path, it creates a wayfinding system that is bold, clean and easy to navigate. It creates a visual system similar to that in the world outside of the Art Building, but uses these elements in engaging and unexpected ways.

Symbols and scale for system
Floor plan for wayfinding system
Basement signage
Cafe signage
School of Art entrance signage
Second floor signage
Conference room entrance signage
Bathroom signage