Instructional materials for the School of Art Computer Center at the University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

About the client
During graduate school I worked in School of Art's Computer Center for some extra income. This lab was used by art, design and photography students; as well as evening continuing education classes and random other UW students. There could be up to 60 people in the lab with 1 lab monitor. A large portion of the people using the lab were first time Mac users, first time Adobe Creative Suite users, and first time printers normally running late for class. Monitors were there to make sure printing ran smoothly and not there to teach students how to use Photoshop or walk them step by step of the printing process. This made signage and instructional printing guides in the lab very important so students could be successfully self-sufficient.

Design Work
Plotter and Printer Posters
I designed two 3 x 4.5 foot posters to provide clarity of the various plotter and smaller printing options. The School of Art Computer Center had 15 printers available for students, all with different paper, sizing and pricing.

Printing Guide
I designed and wrote a step-by-step lab printing guide that allowed users to print faster and achieve the desired results on their first round of printing. The guide helped save students money and save the lab monitors the headache of an overload of misprints and wasted paper.

Print Big with Plotters Poster
Print Small with Printers Poster
Poster hanging in computer center
Poster hanging in computer center