Essential Benefits
Logo Redesign, Identity System/Business Papers and Trade Show Signage
Seattle, Washington

About the Client
Essential Benefits is a locally operated Seattle insurance agency owned by Gordon Kushnick. Essential Benefits represents multiple carriers for every type of insurance they can offer. Because they are not beholden to a single carrier, they have the freedom to find costumers an insurance policy that meets their needs and their budget.

Design Work
Logo Redesign and Identity System/Business Papers
I redesigned the Essential Benefits logo to provide a more unique and professional mark for the company. The redesigned logo held true to the company's core concept stated in the company's "Solving Your Insurance Puzzle" tagline. Turning the previous generic four-piece puzzle into the "E" and "B" of the mark emphasizes the one-on-one attention that the company brings to its clients. The business papers make a bold and confident statement with punches of color on the back of the business card and the bright letter-sized envelope.

Trade Show Signage
The concept behind the trade show banner was based on the need for flexible long-term usage. Display space available to a company at trade shows varies from show to show. Therefore, the banner was designed to work fully extended with its base on the ground as well as only half extended to be able to sit on a table. The large amount of puzzle pieces allowed for a complex design element, catching the viewer's eye from a far, while still allowing the design to simply get its main points across.

New Logo and Old Logo
Identity System
Trade Show Table
Trade Show Signage
Shown at both heights