Chihuly Workshop
Product Design
Seattle, Washington

About the Client
Chihuly Workshop describe themselves as the following—"established to celebrate the innovation, imagination, and the bold creative spirit of the artist Dale Chihuly. Opened in 1992 as Portland Press, a small publishing company dedicated to the production of books about glassmaking, we slowly evolved into a place that not only published work about Chihuly’s art, but also became a staging ground for him as an artist and designer with the creation of his Studio Editions and Prints. Over the years we have extended the scope of the Workshop, collaborating with Chihuly on a range of projects from books, films, and stationery to limited edition blankets with Pendleton Woolen Mills."

With the opening of Chihuly Garden and Glass in May 2012 at the Seattle Center, Chihuly Workshop increased the number of products they were offering. As a member of the in-house design team, I worked on a large portion of these products including one of a kind apparel for babies, toddlers and adults; art supplies packaging; umbrellas; puzzles; DVD packaging; and additional Chihuly related products. Products are sold on the Chihuly Workshop website, at Chihuly Garden and Glass as well as at Chihuly Exhibitions around the world.

Design Work
Kid's T-shirts
Based on Chihuly's Fax Putti drawings, two designs with 5 shirt colors per design. All shirts were screen printed in Seattle on American Apparel shirts.

Kid's Umbrellas
Umbrella's design utilizes Seattle artist, Kate Endle's drawing underneath with a bright color on the outside. Three exterior colors were made custom for Chihuly with easy open and close for kid's use.

Short Cuts II dvd
The second DVD in the most popular Chihuly series, Short Cuts.

Hooded Sweatshirts
Completely custom made sweatshirts for the Color Inside Outside line. Two different designs were produced; each made featuring either red and chartreuse colors. The design shown in the photos has solid black exterior with colored stitching that matches fleece lining color. The second design features a bleed through look, a brand new technique at the time, showing the fleece color through the black exterior. Every aspect of this sweatshirt was chosen from the pocket size, pull string, screen printing on the right arm, fleece thickness, sleeve embroidery, zipper, overall fit and shoulder embroidery.

Additional Project images and descriptions to come: Kid's Placemats, 9 different T-shirt designs, Umbrella, Paint Set, Kid's Floor Puzzle and Coloring books

Kid's Shirt
Pure Imagination Line
Kid's Shirts on display
Pure Imagination Line
Kid's Umbrella and Kid's Shirt
Both in Pure Imagination Line
Kid's Umbrellas and Kid's Shirts
Pure Imagination Line
DVD Cover Design
Custom Made Hooded Sweatshirt
Color Inside Out Line
Hooded Sweatshirt Shoulder Detail
Color Inside Out Line
Custom Made Hooded Sweatshirt
Color Inside Out Line