AIGA Cincinnati eco|shift
Logo Design and Original Board Member
AIGA Cincinnati's Sustainability Committee
Used on eco|shift's AIGA website and promotional material

About the Client
eco|shift is AIGA Cincinnati’s sustainability initiative. eco|shift was established to promote environmental awareness in the field of design for the membership of AIGA Cincinnati. The campaign for sustainability provides education on the importance of environmental responsibility and the business sensibility of sustainable practices. Additionally, eco|shift demonstrates how sustainable design practices lead to innovation in business. eco|shift hosts events for designers to learn more about ways designers can all be more conscious of the environment in the design profession.

About Board Membership and Design Work
I was the only student that participated in the formation of the first AIGA Cincinnati sustainability committee. As a third year Visual Communication Design student at the University of Dayton, I participated in AIGA's Cincinnati Mentoring Program. I was paired with Nikki Mayhew, a Senior Designer at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and learned about in-house design. As her "mentee", we met up multiple times for a wide spread of activities, including but not limited to museums visits, AIGA events, private meeting with paper reps, private printer tours and various discussions on what it means to be a professional designer. Nikki became a wonderful resource for answering my limitless questions and she provided me an early insight to the professional world of design as a junior in college. She graciously nominated me for AIGA Cinncinati's Outstanding Mentee Award which I ended up receiving at the end of the Mentoring program. It was through this friendship that in my senior year of undergraduate (between applying for graduate schools, interning at a local design firm and preparing for graduation) that I became one of four of the original board members of AIGA Cincinnati's first sustainability committee.

As a student, I was able to get feedback from my classmates when the board was brainstorming committee names. Also, I presented to my fellow board members various logo sketches to begin the beginning brand stages of eco|shift. One of my logos was chosen and still remains the logo for the committee.

Sustainability Committee Logo
eco|shift on AIGA website